By Lesli Calloway

Many women are baffled when it comes to understanding male behavior. However, there are certain patterns of behavior that are nearly universal. There will always be exceptions to any rule, nevertheless, there are some characteristically male traits that are often misinterpreted or simply misunderstood by the fairer sex.     

 1.      Men cannot be friends with women they find attractive

Straight men find no appeal in being “friends” with a woman they find attractive. Their mind will remain trained on that attraction even if they don’t show it. So why do some men feign friendship? Some men are willing to “wait it out” until a woman breaks up with a boyfriend, gets hard up for sex or wears down by his appeals. In some instances it’s just a matter of opportunity. Should opportunity strike, he’ll make use of that opportunity.

 2.      Men are constantly thinking about sex

I don’t believe there is a man alive who can honestly dispute this one! Men are biologically programmed to procreate and physiologically stimulated to do so. It starts from puberty on into adulthood and never seems to diminish.  In cases where it does slow down, they have cleverly invented products specifically developed to reignite a man’s “mojo.” (e.g. Viagra™, Cialis™, etc.)

 3.      Men determine whether or not they’re interested in a woman rather quickly

Men aren’t prone to carrying around a checklist of requirements for what they find desirable in a woman. However, they are naturally adept at quickly assessing who they’d like to pursue. Unlike some women, men don’t tend to make up reasons why they should like someone or how they could grow to like someone. They simply like you or they don’t.

 4.      Men are running game if they make everything purposely complicated and “confusing”

He’s moody, inconsistent and defensive all the time. He blames his behavior on you and your lack of commitment to the relationship. He’s unpredictable and makes himself available when it is convenient for him and serially unavailable when it’s important to you. Let’s stop here and assess. Now apart from all the other qualities that men possess, one quality that rings true in almost all they do is simplicity. Men are nowhere near as complicated as this. Thus, despite this man’s endearing professions of love, quite frankly, if his words aren’t reflected in his actions he’s a player and you’re part of the game.

 5.      Men enjoy the thrill of the hunt

As much as men enjoy being pursued, they actually enjoy being the pursuer more. A man’s ability to win over a woman is a testament to his skills and his manliness. There’s no glory in a woman throwing herself at a man, even if he’d been interested otherwise. A subtle invitation, however, makes a man more confident in his approach, but still gives him the opportunity to lead the pursuit.

 6.      Men who are sincere are consistent

Men are generally creatures of habit, pretty straight forward and very communicative by way of their actions. Sometimes when inconsistencies arise women ignore signs and symptoms that something is amiss.  These are what I call “red flags.” A man who is consistent in how he treats you is being honest about who he is and how he conducts himself. There’s no mystery. However, a man who was consistent and now seems to have changed is not being honest – irrespective of his motives.

7.      Most men will never forget their first love, and some will never get over it

This is a topic that can evoke some of the most heartfelt emotions in a man. Some men remain haunted by a former heartbreak. Still others look at their first love with a genuine fondness.  Either way, these experiences can affect their future relationships with women. Men will generally fall into one of three particular categories. One group will continue to pursue loving, healthy relationships. While between the other two, he will either hold a torch or carry a chip into every subsequent relationship.

While I am truly thankful that all men are not alike, I must admit that there are some similarities that seem consistent among them. In my personal journey to having a better understanding of men, I have discovered that men rarely engage in random behavior, if at all. There is rhyme to their reason and it is deeply connected to the responses they elicit from women. A better understanding of these common characteristics can make communicating and interacting with men less like a game of chess, and more of a meaningful exchange.


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